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Pentax K20D

The Pentax K20D is Pentax’s latest midpriced lens-interchangeable digital SLR based on the successful K10D body with a 14.6 megapixel 23.4 mm x 15.6 mm CMOS sensor, upgraded from the 10.2 megapixel sensor in the K10D, that was newly developed to take advantage of Pentax interchangeable lenses by detecting diagonal light better. It also has improved noise reduction, a dustproof and weather resistant body with several dust reducing features like Dust Alert, 2.7-inch wide-view LCD monitor with the Live View function for high and low angle shooting, SAFOX VIII autofocus system featuring 11 sensor points.

Other features:
Shake Reduction compatible with any PENTAX lens ever produced, including new SDM lenses, minimizes the effect of camera shake
PRIME image processing engine maximizes image properties and allows custom adjustment of image parameters
Custom Image modes, with six preset options, offer superior control of how the PRIME processor develops images
Enhanced Dynamic Range mode gives 200% more dynamic range
Advanced 16-segment metering and 11-point AF, with 9 cross sensors, ensure perfectly exposed and focused images
Unique exposure modes, such as hyper-program, Sv and TAv, offer shooting versatility

And best of all you’ll be able to use all of your old Pentax compatible lenses.

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Nikon D60 Digital SLR ReviewThis entry has a rating of 1

Nikon’s new compact digital SLR, the Nikon D60 continues to tradition of the D40 and D40x as a professional, technically superior, compact digital SLR. Although Nikon continues to innovate this camera still has 10.2 megapixels, the standard for such entry-level digital SLR is right now which puts this camera between the D40 and the D80 digital SLRs, and uses the EXPEED image processor for smoother tones and more accurate colors and Nikon’s Multi-CAM 530 AF auto-focus sensor. The LCD turns off when the camera senses that you are using the optical viewfinder.

The D60 also has an anti-dust system called Airflow Control System. This sucks in air and directs it at where dust may be sitting and then uses an Image Sensor Cleaning function using vibration to clear up any remaining dust. The camera features in-camera image editing and effects and filters, capture into RAW mode, and a stop motion mode.

All in all the Nikon D60 Digital SLR is a high quality DSLR targeted towards budget or entry-level photographers with an easy to use interface, quick and easy changing of modes using the dial, in a compact body that fits well in the hand, a quick .2 second power up, a nice viewfinder with 2.5 inch LCD screen and can come optionally with the AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II lens or the AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens.

The Nikon D60 Digital SLR will be available this month.Pixel Lines Image Hosting

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Casio Exilim EX-Z80 reviewThis entry has a rating of 2.5

Casio America has announced the latest addition to its award-winning EXILIM line, the Exilim EX-Z80, for the spring season, with 8.1 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, and Exilim Engine 2.0 for sharper photos and higher-quality videos using less energy due to an improved digital signal processor. The camera introduced by Casio late last month replaces the 7.2 megapixel Exilim EX-Z77. It’s 2.6 inch LCD screen is not huge but will do. Like some other Casio digital cameras like the Casio Exilim EX-S880 the EX-Z80 also features YouTube capture mode switch basically just records video at the same size and resolution that YouTube supports so that you don’t have to do any conversion on your computer and you can just upload it directly. It also features an auto shutter function that tries to detect when that perfect moment is before you do. It can detect when the camera is in motion to prevent a blurry picture and can be used to take a sharp image while panning.

“We are continuously developing new features that take advantage of digital technology, and we introduced the Snap Video mode on our digital cameras. By using Apple’s superior video technology we believe people will find more ways to enjoy Snap Video,” said Susumu Takashima of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

It can also detect up to 10 faces and can prioritize pre-recorded faces.
Estimated Price: $ 199.99
Size: 3.53 x 2.0 inches
Weight: 3.5 ounces without battery
848 x 480 movies at 30 fps

Also see the Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z75 Review.

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Nikon Coolpix P50 digital camera review

Gavin Stoker of Computeractive reviewed the Nikon Coolpix P50 noting its good looks and design despite having a traditional rather than thin body. A light camera even with batteries, it’s also easy to use and quick to start.

A quick summary:
Good points: Better zoom lens than most, Fairly priced, Vivid, sharp images.
Bad points: No decent anti-shake, Can be sluggish, No rechargeable battery (takes AA batteries standard)

“It handled tricky shots well, colours are pleasingly vivid, images are sharp, and though high ISO settings such as ISO1600 or 2000 appeared to show noise on the camera’s screen, they looked much better on the PC.”

Quick feature list:
Effective 8.1 Megapixels, 3.6x Optical Wide-Angle Zoom-Nikkor Glass Lens, 2.4-inch High Resolution LCD, electronic vibration reduction, SD/SDHC memory card compatible, AA batteries with optional rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.

Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 3.8 x 2.6 x 1.8 in (94.5 x 66 x 44 mm) excluding projections
Weight: Approx. 5.6 oz (160 g) without battery and SD memory card

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Hitachi DZ-BD7HA (BluRay 5.3MP DVD Hybrid High Definition Camcorder with 30GB Hard Drive & 10x Optical Zoom)

Hitachi DZ-BD7HA (BluRay 5.3MP DVD Hybrid High Definition Camcorder with 30GB Hard Drive & 10x Optical Zoom) is Hitachi’s newest tapeless camcorder using new 8 cm rewritable BluRay disks which hold about an hour of full high def video. This may be great for you if you already have other BluRay devices. But it also comes with a 30 gig hard drive and can also record to mini DVD. If you’ve already decided on mini BluRay disc technology than this could be the camcorder for you.

5.3-megapixel, 1/2.8-inch CMOS image sensor offers 2.07mp (effective) for video mode (16×9) and 4.32mp (effective)
Hitachi high-resolution image processing LSI
1-second Quick Start
Built-in Interactive Guide
500x Digital Zoom

On the downside, indoor video quality is poor and focus time can be a bit long.

It lists for about $1500 but you can find it for around $1000.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200 reviewThis entry has a rating of 1

The ever stylish Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200, update to the Cyber-shot DSC-T100 comes in an ultracompact frame with 8.1 megapixels. Battery life is good with at least 125 shots between charges although the battery is smaller than the T30. This is surprising given the large screen, a touch screen at that. The touchscreen opens up a whole new way of operating a camera while setting up a shot especially for less experienced photographers who are not set in their ways already. Shutter lag is no problem, nearly instant once focused.

On the downside it uses Sony’s proprietary Memory Stick PRO Duo, like all other Sony products. The auto white balance feature could use some work. It’s a tiny camera and there is barrel distortion at the lens edge. For the price the image quality isn’t great, especially indoors in auto mode. But what you get is a small, stylish, Sony camera with some slick new features and a very useful interface. It may depend on how much it’s worth for you to have a camera with a large touchscreen.

Basic features:
8.1-megapixel Super HAD CCD
Carl Zeiss 5x optical zoom lens; up to 25x Smart Zoom feature
3.5-inch widescreen, touch-panel Clear Photo LCD Plus
Face Detection technology (up to 8 faces)
Multi Resizing
Adjustable flash intensity
Super Steadyshot

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Pentax K10D review

As says: “K10D is Pentax’s first foray into the serious-amateur digital SLR market. It’s bigger, tougher and more feature rich than any Pentax digital SLR before it and it certainly carries a wide enough range of features to worry the ‘big name’ brands. Headline features include a stabilized ten megapixel CCD, high quality image processing pipeline, dust and weather proof seals, 11-point AF (with 9 cross-type points) and some unique exposure modes. A full detailed list of the top 20 features can be found below. It’s clear that Pentax are targeting the likes of the Canon EOS 30D and Nikon D200, on paper it’s a very strong contender.”

Pentax has succeeded in producing a 10 megapixel digital SLR at a competitive price that exceeds what Canon, Nikon, and Sony DSLRs has to offer. Image quality is good although not extremely crisp. The body is solid and has been well tested. Autofocus works well even if it takes a second to focus. The continuous shooting feature is great. And the Shake Reduction system is in the camera rather than in expensive lenses and it’s not “fake” digital shake reduction. Best of all the camera can be had for under $700, nearly $500 with some rebates.

Features and basics:
10.2-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 18 x 24-inch prints.
2.5-inch LCD display.
In-camera Shake Reduction (SR) and Dust Reduction (DR) systems; dust-proof, weather-resistant body.
Pentax Real IMage Engine (PRIME).
Dust Removal (DR) system incorporating Pentax-original Special Protect (SP) coating to help keep the CCD surface dust-free, and a shift mechanism to shake dust off the CCD.
11-point wide-frame AF.
5.6 x 4 x 2.7 inches ; 1.7 pounds

 Pentax K10D

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Pentax Optio E40 review

The Pentax Optio E40 is meant to be an inexpensive (between $100 and $150), entry-level, compact point-and-shoot digital camera, a follow-up to the Pentax Optio E30. It features faced detection/recognition, 8.1 megapixels, “digital” shake reduction to combat the physical problem of camera movement causing blur, 3x optical zoom, many auto modes, and the camera takes AA batteries, which may or may not be a feature. The LCD screen size is a decent 2.4 inches and other standard features include stitch assist, USB and AV connectors, and video with audio.

On the downside the body is made of plastic including the buttons and shake reduction is not exactly top of the line and it won’t help you when recording video. Also, since the camera uses AA batteries if you find yourself using the camera a lot you’ll either be throwing a lot of money into batteries or have to recharge them defeating the purpose of being powered by easy to find disposable batteries. If you just take pictures regularly without using the flash you should be able to get around 200 shots before the batteries die. Batteries are included.

Image quality is average. Speed is so so.

Overall a very cheap camera but also consider in this price range the Fujifilm FinePix A820 and the Samsung S85.

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